Cities4Life SoCal


SoCalCities4Life has chapters in a handful of cities around the nation, speaking truth and life in their cities. Four of those cities that have a Cities4Life presence are located in Southern California (SoCal). Those four chapters of Montclair, Riverside, Pomona and San Bernardino have now been combined into one chapter – Cities4Life SoCal.

Deane Plew, director of Cities4Life SoCal explains how this switch would be a much more effective for Life, “In order to gain a more efficient system we are condensing all four Chapters and Facebook pages under the banner of SoCal Cities4Life. This will allow a greater exposure of this ministry and more comprehensiveness. Partners in San Bernardino will be able to be encouraged by what our Lord is doing at the Riverside abortion mill. Partners in Montclair will be able to see what our Lord is doing at the Pomona abortion mill. AND, as we expand down to Temecula – up into Pasadena – over to Redondo Beach, these areas will be included in the growth factor and the information network. In other words, we’ll all be able to stay up-to-date with what is happening and existing needs: thus allowing us to be more articulate prayer warriors for this strategic ministry.”

If you have previously followed the separate web pages of the various chapters of Cities4Life in southern California or if you have “liked” their pages on Facebook, be sure to “like” SoCal Cities4Life on Facebook and visit them on the web at Cities4Life SoCal.


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