A Family’s Fight for Life


baby saved abortionMany times as pro-life Christians, our own faith is tested. We know that abortion is murder as we stand up for the innocent unborn. However, when tragedy strikes our own family and we are faced with the question of whether or not, we will stand by our pro-life convictions and what God has declared in His Word, will we remain faithful to do what we know is right?

A pro-life Christian family in Nevada, Bill and Amy Bauer, passed this test with flying colors as they fought hard to save the life of their grandchild from a sure death via abortion. In 2012, their adult daughter, Elisa, who is mentally handicapped, wandered away from the assisted-living home where was living. during that time, she was attacked by a sexual predator. It was later discovered that their daughter had become pregnant during the sexual assault. With Elisa, who has the brain capability of a thirteen year old, and unable to care for a child, social services and the courts became involved and it was suggested that Elisa be subject to a forced abortion and sterilization.

The Bauers, being strong pro-life Christians, did all that they could to fight for the life of their unborn grandchild. They knew that regardless of the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, that this baby deserved the right to live and they desired the right and opportunity to place the child into a loving home after he or she was born. With a lot of pressure from the pro-life community, judges denied the forced abortion order. Sweet little Cierramaria Cecilia Bauer was born on May 2, 2013!

What’s even more amazing is that the Bauers ended up raising their granddaughter and just this week, little Cierramaria was officially adopted by the Bauers!!! The adoption finalization occurred right in the same room where the Bauers fought for the life of their grandchild. The Bauer’s attorney, Jason Guinasso, thanked the public for their support of the Bauer family via email.

“Today … we witnessed the completion of the miracle of God changing hearts and minds about the value of a life which culminated in the celebration of the adoption of Cierramaria Cecilia Bauer … by Bill and Amy!” Guinasso wrote.  “[My wife] Kim and I are so grateful to be a part of this family’s life. We are also blessed beyond expression by the opportunity to watch this baby overcome adversity and grow into the woman God has predestined her to be.”

You can read more about this touching story and beautiful ending at LifeSite News page by clicking here. Indeed, God can turn ashes into beauty! As we step out into the world and make the declaration that we are pro-life, we must also be prepared to make that same stance for family even when the unthinkable happens in our own lives. A lost world is watching to see if we will remain committed to Christ in the midst of our own struggles. Thankfully, the Bauers never waivered! And because of their commitment to Life and their fight for life, this beautiful child is here as a witness to the beauty of Life. May little Cierramaria grow up to be a might warrior for Christ and for Life!!!

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