Cities4Life in National Spotlight Regarding Use of Graphic Images


danielleThe debate over the use of graphic images continues to be a hot topic within the pro-life community. Some of the objections to the use of these images often include the fear that the images will desensitize others to the reality of abortion, that they may not be appropriate to expose children to and that they may cause hurt to women who are post-abortive.

Two years ago, Lisa Metzger, Cities4Life Outreach Coordinator, shared about the importance of using graphic images while we minister outside of abortion centers. She shared a powerful testimony on Operation Save America’s blog illustrating her point:

“A mama chose LIFE at the Latrobe abortion mill on Friday August 24th, after coming directly from an ultrasound at the crisis pregnancy center. She left the pregnancy center planning to drive to the abortion mill to murder her unborn child. As she drove into the parking lot of this business of death, she saw this photo of Malachi (a 21 week old victim of abortion) and told a sidewalk counselor that she changed her mind solely because of that image!

Ephesians 5:11 was lived out  by exposing the TRUTH behind the lies of Satan. Because of this controversial and graphic depiction of murder, a baby was spared from death in Charlotte! “

News of a similar “save” in Charlotte made LifeSite News’ national blog today! In Cities4Life Charlotte blog post last Thursday in our “Testimonies & Ministry Updates” post, we shared the story of how God used the graphic victim sign featuring Malachi to change a young woman’s mind as she chose life for her baby on Tuesday. LifeSite reports:


A photograph of an aborted child spared another baby the same fate.Charlotte Cities4Life in North Carolina reported on its website Thursday that an expectant mother changed her mind about having an abortion on Tuesday after seeing a picture of a child who died through abortion.

A team of counselors were standing outside the Family Reproductive Health, located at 700 East Hebron Street in Charlotte.

“A mama chose life this morning,” a sidewalk counselor said. “Her boyfriend lives with her, was not supportive, and had encouraged her to get the abortion.”

Then the counselors approached with their message of hope.

“She was very soft-hearted and so thankful to God that we were there this morning! She told us that after she saw the Malachi sign (photo of victim of abortion at 21 weeks), she just sat in her car for 30 minutes crying and agonizing over the decision. She mentioned the sign several times as I counseled her, thankful for its message.”

The counselor described the mother as “relieved to choose life” but said she still seemed “overwhelmed by the ramifications of her decision.”

“I encouraged her that God will bless her for doing what is right and that He will give her enough strength for each day as it comes,” the counselor said.                                                                                                                         __________________________

You can read the full blog at the LifeSite News page by clicking here. That unnamed sidewalk counselor in the LifeSite News blog was Cities4Life team lead, Danielle Papageorgiou! The picture above is of Danielle and the sweet mama who chose life last week after seeing the picture of Malachi. We are thankful for the opportunity that God has given Cities4Life to be a part of the discussion on the use of graphic victim images. May many be exposed to Danielle’s testimony and come to understand the power that these images play in portraying the truth about abortion and in saving lives!

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