“Not only did they save the life of my unborn child…but also my life.”


Dan adn DorothyGod is constantly saving lives and changing lives on the sidewalks outside of local abortion facilities. It is a privilege for us, as Cities4Life, to be able to share these life-transforming stories and testimonies with you. Here is one awesome testimony, from a young lady named Dorothy, that is sure to encourage you.

“In June 2008 I had awakened early to endure a two hour drive to Charlotte, NC (my hometown) from a small town in South Carolina. This visit was unlike any of the many other visits I had made home. This would be a visit that would forever change my life.

On this early Saturday morning in June 2008 we (the baby’s father and I) turned onto Latrobe Drive, just miles away from a main street in which I had grown up on – Eastway Drive. Anxiety overtook my entire body as we slowly approached a clinic – an abortion clinic. Outside this building there were protestors crowding the sidewalks. These were not your “regular” protesters. They were Christian “protesters”. Before arriving to this destination I already knew within myself that what I was about to do was wrong and I was fully aware that God was the only one who could say, “Let there be life”.

There we were, parked in the parking lot of this abortion clinic and my emotions were all over the place. As we sat there, I would watch the women enter and exit this facility, and inside I was experiencing feelings of despair and anguish. I was silently wishing that this was a decision that I did not have to make, but then I would find myself asking, “What else can I do?”

As we sat there in anguish, I heard an angelic voice on a microphone singing. It was the most melodious sound I had ever heard. Then a man walked on the sidewalk in front of us praying and waving his hand towards the abortion clinic. I knew then that he was interceding on the behalf of each adult and unborn child that were entering the doors of that clinic. Then there was another Christian walking with a poster of an eight week old unborn baby. On that very day, I was eight weeks. It was then that I knew this abortion was not supposed to happen.

The father and I continued to talk and we decided not to enter those doors of death. We started the engine and proceeded to exit the parking lot when we were approached by Dan Lee, who provided pamphlets of information. 

Now, as I look back at that day and that moment, I must say LOOK AT GOD. He orchestrated every move – the right person, the right location and the right moment. I don’t remember how I got in contact with Dan Lee, but days later we were in touch. He would call at just the right moments – moments when I was depressed, downtrodden and heavy-burdened, even at a point when I was beating myself up for not going through with the abortion.

And then came February 25, 2009 at 9:45 am, when my beautiful daughter came into the world- weighing in at 7lbs 11oz. It was given one of the most precious gifts one could every receive; one that would forever change the course of my life. I already had a son from my previous marriage. With my son, I was a parent but when this beautiful little girl entered my life, I became a mother. I never would have known that out of such turmoil a beautiful canvas would be created.

After the decision to keep this child, I immediately enrolled in school at the local college and obtained by two-year degree in Paralegal Studies. We then moved one hour away to another city so that I could continue my studies and to obtain my bachelors degree in Legal Studies. I am happy to report that I completed my degree in March 2014. It is my hope and desire to attend Charlotte Law school in the Fall of 2014. I often jokingly say, “Who would have thunk it!”

I want to send a special thank you to Dan Lee and his family! Not only were they used mightily by God, but they became friends. Five years later instead of crying, we are now laughing. A friendship that has continued with words of encouragement and support. Dan Lee and the Cities4Life ministry are awesome! This ministry is needed greatly within our communities, as well as globally. “Not only did they save the life of my unborn child…but also my life.”

Dan Lee and his family have been proclaiming the message of life and the Gospel outside of abortion facilities for many years. Praise God for using them to not only save this precious little one but in the ongoing support and friend that they have been to Dorothy. Will you join the Lees in this life-saving work that God is doing through Cities4Life? There are so many young women like Dorothy, who need to hear the truth and experience the love of Christ when they drive into these dreadful parking lots. God used so many sidewalk counselors to help Dorothy get the courage to choose life, and He will use you in the same way! To find out how you, your family or church can get involved in the vast ministry of Cities4Life, please contact Lisa Metzger, our Outreach Coordinator, at LisaMetzger@Cities4Life.org.

Also, keep in mind that our Spring Sidewalks 101 Frontline Training is coming up on Saturday, April 26th at 9am at Green Memorial Baptist Church in Charlotte. This training is geared towards those who are either new to sidewalk counseling ministry or who have never been involved in sidewalk counseling so this would be a great opportunity to jump in and get started. You can find out more about the training and register by clicking here. Let’s continue to pray for Dorothy and for all the young women who need to know that their children are a blessing. Let’s also pray for the Lord to raise up more warriors, like the Lee family, who are willing to share the message and love of Christ with those who so desperately need it.

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