No More Empty Sidewalks: A Testimony of Life


1491520_10100346803340548_1280546192_oEver wondered why it is so important that there are sidewalk counselors ministering outside of the abortion mills? Read the story below of one of sidewalk counselors, Eliana Smith, as she shares her own personal story of how God used an unplanned pregnancy and a trip to an abortion mill to change her family’s life:

“I was 21 when I got the news that I was pregnant and my boyfriend and I were not expecting the news. We had both just graduated from college. His mom was an ordained minister and my mom was a religious catholic. We were living for self and only thought about our careers, our lives, our finances, our friends, our fun, and our reputation. Even though I was very torn up about it, I decided that it would be best if we handled things quietly and avoided any consequences. So we scheduled an appointment at one of the abortion clinics nearby. On the day of the appointment I felt so much heaviness and uneasiness . We sat outside the abortion clinic for 30 minutes as I cried. My boyfriend was standing outside the car and was at a loss for words. I wanted him so badly to speak up and say ‘No, lets keep the baby!’ but he was just as scared and lost as I was.

When I did finally build up the courage to go inside the clinic, all I saw was women weeping in the waiting area. It was so sad and depressing in there. I really wish there had been someone outside on the frontline to minister to us. I had no real knowledge of the word of God or any understanding of the abortion process, but my heart was soft and the grief, heartache, and guilt I felt was unbearable. I remember writing down my name, looking around, and walking right back out. We sat in the car for another 30 minutes and I called two of my friends who were both very encouraging and supportive of me having the baby. I just couldn’t take the guilt and anguish anymore so I finally said ‘I can’t do this!’

I thank God for allowing me to feel so much emotional pain that day! I don’t believe I have ever felt God speaking to me louder than in those moments. My boyfriend and I had an ultrasound about a week later and what I saw was so AMAZING. We saw our little baby and he had a little heartbeat! From that moment on we fell in love with our baby boy. I tell him all the time that he saved mommy’s life. It was because of my great love for him that I accepted Christ in my life. I really wanted to give him the best life I could.

My boyfriend and I got married a couple years later and we now have two more precious children! I could not imagine my life without any of them! I now know that the enemy not only wanted to destroy my life, but wanted to destroy the life of my son because of the great calling on his life. Had I gone through with the abortion, my life would have ended up a miserable hot mess. The guilt would have literally killed me but God had great plans for us! And what the enemy means for evil, God turned into something great! We thank God everyday for the seed of life he planted inside me. We are now all living for the Lord and more blessed and happy than we could have ever imagined! We hope our story will inspire others to choose life for their children and for themselves. ~ Jamie and Eliana Smith

What an amazing testimony of God’s redemption and grace! Not only did Jamie and Eliana choose life that day but they are now faithful sidewalk counselors with our Cities4Life Charlotte Team! God has used them in extraordinary ways on the frontlines to counsel men and women to choose life for their unborn babies. Though there was no one on the sidewalks for them that fateful day when they found themselves driving into an abortion mill parking lot, they are there for countless others. On Tuesday of this week, they were even able to be a part of two couples choosing life for their babies and were able to share their own story with these couples. Praise God for how He transforms lives and destinies!

We don’t ever want the sidewalks in Charlotte to be empty like they were at the abortion mill that Jamie and Eliana drove into the day that they planned to have an abortion. In their testimony, they shared how having someone there to reach out to them with the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ would have helped them as they were torn and struggling with what to do given their circumstances.

You can join Eliana and Jamie and other faithful sidewalk counselors as we share the message of hope and life by attending our Sidewalk 101 Frontline Training this saturday at 9:00am. The training will be held at Green Memorial Baptist in Charlotte and will consist of classroom training on the how’s and why’s of sidewalk counseling and observation and ministry outside one of the local abortion mills immediately following the classroom training. You can find out more and register for the training by clicking here. We hope to see you there and keep Eliana and Jamie in your prayers as they count down the days until they welcome their third little one into their family! To God be the glory!

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