“But God Had Other Plans”: The Testimony of A New Sidewalk Counselor!


1501341_10151972061314821_598783275_oWe love to share the stories and testimonies of new Cities4Life sidewalk counselors! When most people think about sidewalk counseling outside of abortion mills for the first time, the first thought that comes to mind are likely thoughts of fear and inadequacy. Hear how the Lord recently drew Charlene Geisler to the ministry of saving lives and how it has had an eternal impact on her family:

“It was by divine appointment that I became aware of the ministry of Cities4Life. Being the introvert that I am and not being really that interested in politics, I never saw myself as a pro-life or a pro-choice person. In fact, growing up in Singapore, you don’t hear the pro-life/pro-choice labeling. I just knew that abortion is the same as murder and I know murder is wrong. Period.

It was the summer of 2013 when a series of “coincidental” events happened which led me to this ministry. One Sunday, my family and I attended my parents’ in law’s church when my father-in-law was preaching. I remembered him saying something about 55 millions babies being killed in the last 40 years since abortion was legalized. In the same week, I came across Lisa Metzger’s (Movement Coordinator for Cities4Life) blog. I “befriended” her on facebook and started messaging her and asking questions. I remember telling her that perhaps *someday* I will come out and see what they do on the sidewalk…BUT GOD HAD OTHER PLANS!

I felt led to go out to the sidewalk that very Friday after my initial contact with Lisa and after I watched the “40 Years of The Smallest Stories Left Untold” video. I was not really sure what to expect since I had never been to an abortion mill. I remembered the overwhelming sadness I felt when I saw women standing in line for the clinic to open. I remembered thinking, “This is not a black Friday sale event. This is where babies are being killed!” I remembered the surprise I felt when I saw that there were so many cars pulling into the parking lots. I know that abortions are taking place as I have seen the statistics about that but to see these statistics in the parking lot right in front of me?  The presence of the sheer numbers of cars just put things in a very tangible way to me. As I was standing there, I felt God’s sadness and I started crying. I knew why God wanted me to come out that day. He wanted to give me a glimpse of His heart. I also remembered the joy I felt when I had the privilege of witnessing three women changing their minds and choosing life that very first morning.

Throughout the rest of the summer, I came out every Friday with my children. My children and I have had many conversations about sin, about choices, about hardening of hearts, and about spiritual matters that we would otherwise probably not have had until years later as they are 9, 7 and 5 years old. After coming to the mill for a couple of weeks or so, my then 4-year-old daughter asked Jesus into her heart! She made this comment one day “There is a God, but some people just pretended that there is no God.” That was from her observations of people and things at the mill!

I really hope that many will come out to the mill and play a part in being a voice for the unborn. We need people to pray, to speak and just be there. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Will you pray and ask God if this is where He is leading you to make a difference in His kingdom- one baby at a time?”

As in the testimony of so many sidewalk counselors, most of us didn’t “plan” to serve on the sidewalks outside of abortion mills but as Charlene points out in her testimony- God had other plans and He has done great things in and through her family! Maybe God will use Charlene’s testimony to draw you into this life-saving ministry and change the entire destiny of your life and the life of your family. The fear that you likely are experiencing is normal as this is a ministry that calls you to be the last line of defense for the defenseless and voiceless and it can not be done apart from God’s power and grace. Like most things, you have to just jump in- just like Charlene did and by having a willing heart and putting your feet on the ground, you learn more and get more and more comfortable. Won’t you join us and be a part of this gospel ministry outside of places right here in our city where people desperately need hope, love and God’s Word? Don’t delay. Contact Lisa Metzger, Cities4Life Charlotte movement coordinator, at lisametzger@cities4life.org. Take the first step and find out how God can use YOU to save lives!

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