The Show Isn’t Over



Many times we see frontline abortion center ministry as being won or lost based on whether we talk to a mom who chose life. When ministering on the frontlines, we must always keep in mind that the results are not always seen immediately, and that many times the fruit is completely unknown to us while on this side of Heaven.

Cities4Life Charlotte sidewalk counselors in 2012, had 373 verbally-confirmed praise-filled stories of moms who chose Life after taking our pre-abortion packet. Many times those women who changed their minds will stop and roll down a window and shout happily, “I didn’t do it!!” Others will stop to be counseled and after wrestling with God, they decide to bend to His Will and choose Life. But other times, we do not see the immediate results of our voices that day on the sidewalk.

Many times, women have called later to tell us of their decision for Life AFTER we left the abortion center for the day. This past Tuesday was one of those days. Jessica and I, along with our children, left the abortion mill thinking that no one had chosen Life while we were there. On my Facebook status I reported: “No babies saved (that we know of)…”

However, later that afternoon I received a call from a mother who had chosen Life and needed help in finding medical care. After hanging up with this new mama, I quickly updated my Facebook status to read: “Praise Jesus, ONE mama called to tell me that she chose LIFE!” Wow! What an uplifting praise report for the day! But…God wasn’t finished quite yet! Just 14 minutes after receiving that first call, I received a second. Another mama called to tell me that she chose life after we had left for the day! Back to Facebook I went to post the update of TWO (known) saved babies for the day!

Calls like these are just one reason that I always state “___ babies saved (that we know of)” when giving the update for a day of ministry. We often never know the full extent of how God chooses to use our voices there that day, and that’s okay. The obedience part in simply showing up at those places of death is entirely up to us. The results are entirely up to God! Knowing those results this side of Heaven is merely a tangible reward that God uses to encourage His children in ministry!

These two praise reports should remind us to always remember to focus not on the tangible, but on the eternal value of what we brought to the sidewalk during our times of ministry… the Truth, the Hope that Jesus alone brings!

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